Friday, February 22, 2013

Project Organization: Craft room disaster!

So my craft space is in a constant flux of organized to messy, and it's gotten beyond messy again. I finally decided to take a creative space organization class through Simplify 101 and I'm getting some pretty good ideas on how to better organize what I have. So I thought I would share a few before pictures so you can marinate in the messiness that is my craft/play room and be in awe at the progress I've made by the end of the class. I do plan on posting updates and documenting my progress, so I hope you enjoy!
This is the view when you get downstairs and first look in. The train table has become a place to store laundry when it comes out of the dryer if there is no basket available (notice the empty basket just past the train table sitting on a stool). You can also see the stroller folded up and stored down here. Obviously we're not using it anymore since Collin is now 3 and doesn't really fit in the stroller anymore. He's not walking yet but now we have a special stroller style wheelchair sized for him so this stroller ended up down here. It lasted us 5 years and now it's time for it to go.

On the other wall is a coffee table that is piled with random stuff. Oh, and that's an adult size tigger costume that I got when I was like 19 or 20 and only wore once. Yup. Real useful stuff down here!

Finally, here's a better view of the clutter in front of my scrapbook storage area. The wooden cart was supposed to store my tools on the shelves below and I was supposed to be able to roll it out and use the top when I gather my supplies to make up page kits. Do you notice how everything is piled up on the top and the shelves below are almost empty? Yup... not very useful! And the drawer is only really holding notepads I don't use because I never think "Oh, let me go all the way down to the basement and climb over the clutter so I can jot down this quick thought in my head!" The red plastic bin behind the stroller is broken and filled with things I meant to throw out but it hasn't made the long journey out yet. And I think one of the bins below it has Christmas decorations of some sort or other, 'cause that's where they belong!
So I hope you enjoyed seeing the mess that wants to be my creative space and I'll post an update soon!

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