Monday, October 1, 2012

Durham Fair

In the 16? years that I've lived in Connecticut, I haven't made it to the Durham Fair until this year.

Mr Reilly was helping out with the fire department making pulled pork sandwiches and Pig Macs (pulled pork mixed with mac & cheese on a sandwich). I did get to eat a pulled pork sandwich.... yumm!!

Here's Mr. Reilly with the boys in front of the pulled pork booth.. it's not very often Liam shows Mr. Reilly love like this...especially in front of the camera!

Then we made our way down to the Midway and we caught the tractor pulls. Liam was completely absorbed watching them! We saw a few regular tractors, then there were some drag racer style tractors! Collin was great and didn't mind the noise at all. I'm glad he's finally getting used to the noise thing. Once the racing tractors started the crowd really got packed in so I grabbed Liam and we went off to look at everything else.

Liam wanted to get a pretzel instead of fries, so this was his treat for the day. He did so good staying right next to me in the crowd. Normally when I take him to the store with me he's running all around hiding behind clothing racks or whatever he can find, so I was a little worried that I would lose him, but he did great!

As we were leaving I realized I didn't have a picture of me at the fair, so when I saw this fence line at the entrance I crouched down and managed to get a picture of me and Liam on the first try....

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