Monday, October 8, 2012

Happy Birthday to me.. Let's get organized!

Today is my birthday! I don't remember how old I am anymore, so let's just say I'm celebrating the anniversary of my 29th birthday!

Like New Year's, birthdays seem to be a time to start over... to try to have a better year than the one before. I've been on an organizational quest for what seems like forever now, and while I've made a lot of progress, I do have a tendency to backslide.

Well, not this year. Starting today, I am going to try to be more organized, one week at a time. I've had this one book, organize now! by Jennifer Ford Berry sitting on my bookcase for a couple years. I take it down every so often and read through it a little bit, and put it back. It's a weekly guide to simplifying over a year.

So I'm going to start today. I'm going to simplify. I'm going to get organized. It's going to happen this time. Okay, so I might do 5-6 weeks and then get distracted, or be too busy because it's the holidays, or someone will get sick and I'll have to drop everything, or the book will get temporarily lost under a random pile (seriously, I just found my kindle that I lost a month ago after Collin's birthday party!), or something else will happen and I'll lose momentum. But I'm going to try my hardest to keep up with it, to maintain focus and get organized. So here are my first week's goals:

1. Get at least 7 hours of sleep each night. Ha! This first one is already going to be difficult! I'm usually awake until after midnight and then Liam wakes up at 6am and wakes me up. Sure, I might pretend that I'm still asleep until 7, but I'm awake. So I'm going to get up when Liam wakes me up and make a cup or two of tea to wake myself up, try not to take that afternoon nap, and get to bed by 11pm. Hopefully I'll be able to sleep.

2. Start your day by making a to-do list. I might put this up on the blog daily just to keep momentum going... plus it'll be easier to find than whatever post-it note or other little slip of paper I write on. I'm not going to do a to-do list today because I have no idea what's going on today, and it's my birthday. Who needs to write a to-do list on their birthday?
Okay, well I do need to go to Michael's because I have a 50% off coupon and need to get a new scrapbook album. And I do need to go to the grocery store to buy more milk and fruit. And I don't need to make dinner because I'm being taken out to eat and there's enough leftovers in the fridge for lunch. So there's my to-do list for today.

3. Start a journal. I always mean to do this. I start out writing a few pages and then stop. But this blog will be my journal, and if I feel it's too private to publish, then I won't publish that post!

4. Limit TV time. Okay.. this might be a hard one too because I like to keep the TV on for noise. But I will try to turn on the radio instead and only have the tv on from 8-10 to watch my shows.

5. Meditate. With two kids, when do I get to do that? Maybe during that morning cup of tea...

6. Schedule time to exercise. Hmmm... maybe I can get Liam to go for a walk with me after Collin gets on the bus in the mornings...

7. Schedule more "me time". Definitely something I have to work on. I do have one night out a month where I go out with some friends and scrapbook. I have a weekend planned next month to go to a crop. I try to make Fridays my day to not log in to work, but end up using the time to get stuff done around the house. I need to be more proactive in planning a month ahead, go out shopping with a friend, go out for lunch, spend a little more time away from the boys to catch up with me.

8. Eliminate energy drainers. Facecrack, sorry.. I'm only going to be able to check in once or twice a day. At least I have my feed organized now so I see only those friends I really care about on my main feed. Everything else is sorted into interest groups that I only click on when I'm in the mood, depending on what it is.

9. Take control of your time. I really should brush up on the printouts from the time-management class I took last summer. Now if only I could find them....

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