Sunday, April 28, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Week

Next week is Teacher Appreciation Week! The room mom for Collin's class had several ideas for the teachers in his class...
First, she asked for all the kids to watercolor coffee filters to make butterflies. It was difficult getting Collin to paint anything... he either doesn't like to touch it or he'll try to put it in his mouth. I tried paintbrushes... fingerpainting... finally, putting watercolor paint on these round sponges worked perfectly! All he had to do was pick up the sponge, and squish it down. It turned into a fun game for him!

This was the final result for his butterfly. I used some of my mists and sprayed another coffee filter to add some more color. Then I folded them up together accordion style and twisted half of a pipe cleaner to hold them together and make the antennae.

A few moms got together and we put together this poster with the butterflies to go on the teacher's door. We also put together several gifts to give through the week with ideas we found on pinterest - and I designed the cards to go with the gifts.

First we filled these jars with M&M's.. the big one will go to the teacher and we made a few smaller ones for the teacher's aides.

Here is a close up of the poem attached to the jars.

Then I designed these water bottle labels... and we attached tea for the teachers and Kool-Aid for the aides.

One of the days we're going to make a plate of chocolate covered strawberries for the teachers and I designed this card to go with it. I designed a smaller tag attached to a gift box which will hold a strawberry for the school therapists.

I made these toppers to go on top of Extra gum packs for the teacher aides...

And the teacher will get this cutting board with a tag attached saying "You're a CUT above the rest!"

Here's a close up of the tag..

Another day we're making a platter of cookies, and this card will go with it...

Finally, on teacher appreciation day we'll drop off coffee and donuts for the teachers with this card...

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  1. Wow - Jen! You ladies did a lot of nice things for the teacher. Love the butterfly with your little guy's picture. the M&M jar is my fave. I will be pinning that.
    Hope all is well!