Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Scrap Room Makeover... in progress...

My scrap cave is finally organized! (kinda!)
I just finished taking an online class through Simplify 101 focusing on organizing your creative space. I got a lot of great ideas and inspiration, and was finally able to get through the mess that was this room and shed a lot of pounds!  I threw out 3-4 trash bags of clutter, plus a lot of things too big to fit inside a bag! I also have 7 boxes of scrapbook supplies ready and packed to go to a tag sale next weekend!
The first picture shows the room as soon as you go downstairs... still some clutter, but nowhere near as much as before! My next organizing project is going to be working on the kids toys/play areas, so we'll see how that goes!

Here is my work space... the cart to the left is empty except for a basket filled with scrap papers, and on my work desk I have a big basket with my current project, and two smaller baskets with my basic supplies... one for the supplies I would take with me when I go to a crop, and one basket with more "messy" supplies I only use at home. The furniture in this corner will eventually be sold so I can buy an expedit bookshelf and desk.

Here is my scrapbook storage. Dramatic improvement from before! The shelves used to be stuffed full and the rolling cart was in the empty space full with stuff too! Now I'm only using the left side and center of the shelves for my craft storage.

The right side of the shelves will be toy/kid craft storage now! I can't believe myself how much empty space is there now!

And this is the other side of the room that I still have to work on... the coffee table I will be selling, and I need to work on organizing the rest of the stuff on the tables and the kids' toys. Not bad from what it was before!
If you need a reminder (or a good laugh!) of how messy this room was before, click here to see the "before" post!

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  1. Wow, that is a dramatic difference - you are brave for posting the before shots. I know it feels great to pare down and get really organized - you'll be so much more productive and feel so much more creative now. At least I did when I finished. Great job.